Innovative case

What makes the tragwerk.T so special is its filigree and at the same time so stable exoskeleton: the movement and the inner case are thus optimally protected. The anodised parts are shielded from direct mechanical stress. Scratches or abrasion on the coated parts are thus virtually impossible.

The ergonomically shaped exoskeleton and the small distance between the lugs on the underside make the watch easy to wear on smaller wrists.

The case material titanium grade 5 is harder and stronger than stainless steel, only about half as heavy and very kind to the skin.

Material: titanium grade 5
Diameter: 42mm
Height: 11.2mm
Tested water resistance:
100m / 10 bar
Sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating
Weight: 47g

Distinctive dials and hands

Exactly 287 milled honeycombs form the pattern on the dial of the Tragwerk.T. In the light, it shimmers just as beautifully as the dragonfly's eyes. You choose the colour in which the anodised titanium shines.

Indices and hands are polished by hand until they achieve the perfect surface. They are provided with the most powerful luminous paint, so you won't lose track of the time even at night.

Dial made of titanium grade 5
Good night readability
Hand-polished hour markers & hands

Precise movement

For the movement, we rely on top Swiss quality. The automatic movements are built in the motherland of watchmaking and finished according to Matthias Kieser's specifications: The bridges are elaborately beaded and coiled, and the entire movement is ruthenium-plated in black.

He is particularly proud of the winding rotor, which he developed himself. The rotor weighs almost 25% less than a conventional rotor. To achieve this, Matthias Kieser used an 18kt gold weight and optimised the centre of mass.

The honeycomb-shaped, skeletonised titanium support allows an unobstructed view of the movement at all times.

Automatic winding
Weight optimized rotor
38 hours power reserve
26 jewels
Date quick setting

Durable straps

Each strap is made individually according to your preferences. It is made of Cordura on the outside, an extremely durable fabric, which is also used for military purposes. The inner lining is made of soft leather to ensure a high level of wearing comfort. The individual layers are sewn together by hand.

Outer material Cordura
Leather inner lining
Hand stitching
Buckle made of titanium grade 5


Over millions of years, nature has produced impressive solutions to technical challenges. Only the best have survived the perpetual selection process of evolution.

Matthias Kieser therefore derived the features of tragwerk.T from one of the most fascinating insects: the dragonfly.

Compound eyes

Up to 30,000 individual eyes arranged like honeycombs; perceive the smallest movements at lightning speed


Armour-like, outer structure;
extremely stable and resistant

Wing structure

finely branched vein network, covered with ultra-light membrane; perfect ratio of stability and weight

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