Our idea

Matthias Kieser has set out to bring a breath of fresh air to the market for mechanical wristwatches.

He pairs high-quality materials with progressive design. Nature serves as a model for him. On the one hand, it provides him with important impulses in design through its creative solutions to technical problems. On the other hand, it inspires him to create organic designs that leave room for individual design.

Our quality promise

Matthias Kieser strives for aesthetic as well as technical perfection with his exclusive watches. The entire development and production process - from the raw metal to the finished watch - is in his hands. He combines state-of-the-art manufacturing processes and traditional craftsmanship to achieve the best possible result.

Kieser Design's partners and suppliers are the best in their field and are all based in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Our founding history

What must a watch with a radically new design look like that still exudes elegance and class?

Since 2015, Matthias Kieser has drawn countless sketches to find the right answer. Finally, a look at nature brought the breakthrough: in insects, he found the perfect interplay of shapes, colours and technical functionality. This inspired him to create the holistic concept of tragwerk.T.

The response to the first prototypes was overwhelming, so in 2019 Matthias Kieser took the plunge of turning his small garage workshop into a professional company.

Design your own watch

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